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Why do we need a humidifier in winter?

Long winter has arrived, we need to use air conditioning/heating in the next few months. Due to the lack of ventilation and the high temperature and low humidity inside, such an indoor environment can lead to the growth of a lot of bacteria. Fortunately, a humidifier can combat these germs and the discomfort caused by dryness. A humidifier is an essential tool in the winter to improve indoor air quality, and it also has many other benefits. Here's a good chat with us about what the benefits of using a humidifier in winter really are.

1、 Prevent the spread of disease in the air

Viruses are less likely to survive in moist air, so using a humidifier can reduce the risk of spreading viruses such as influenza. Influenza viruses thrive in the dry winter air. Preventing the spread of this dangerous disease during the winter months is a priority for every family, especially if you have small children or elderly people in your home.

2、 Feel warmer

When your humidifier pumps moisture into the air, it makes your house feel warmer physically. This means you can also save some money on your electric bill by turning down the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees.

3、Soothe dry skin

Dry, chapped hands and lips are common winter skin problems. A humidifier can help alleviate these conditions and soften your skin.


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4、Protect wooden flooring and furniture

Dry air can cause wood furniture to crack or cause gaps in hardwood floors to become larger. Using a humidifier can keep the humidity in the air stable, effectively protecting floors from damage and ke eping wooden furniture in top condition.

5, Reduce allergies and nasosinusitis

Among the many health benefits of humidifiers, the added moisture in the air can soothe nasosinusitis, reduce allergy symptoms, and lower the risk of asthma attacks. However, it is important to check and clean the humidifier frequently to ensure that it stays clean, because long-term use of the humidifier and not cleaning it will produce mold, a condition that can cause more damage than not using the humidifier to carry on.


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6、Protect indoor plants

Winter is extremely cold outside, but keeping some hardy houseplants indoors can make your home feel like spring all year round. While the ideal growing conditions for each plant vary, most houseplants thrive in a moist environment, and a humidifier can create a moist environment for plants indoors during the cold winter months.

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