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Smartmi VortexWave A1

How to choose the washing detergent for the Smartmi VortexWave Robot?

Smartmi VortexWave Robot can achieve good cleaning effect without using detergent, if you need to use detergent, it is recommended to use neutral low foam detergent, acid and alkaline detergent will corrode and damage the water tank and internal pipeline. It is forbidden to add liquid containing essential oil into the water tank, and the ratio of water is not...

What daily maintenance do you need to do?

Clean the sewage tank in time after each cleaning, and also clean the filter sponge and dry cleaning Hypa at the same time. The roller brush should be cleaned manually at least monthly. , If there is hair entanglement, it should be cleaned up immediately, and the position of the suction port of the roller brush should also be cleaned...

Why can't the robot be turned off when the robot is recharging?

In order to facilitate the user's remote control, the robot will enter a silent charging state when the power button is pressed on the charging stand and will not be turned off; when the robot is turned off and placed in the charging stand, the robot will automatically turn on.

Why does the Smartmi VortexWave Robot Vacuum Cleaner leak water?

If the water tank is not installed properly, there will be water leakage. When installing the water tank, press down with your hand and hear a "click" sound, and the water tank is installed in place. In addition, after adding water to the water tank, you need to use a dry cloth to clean the outside of the water tank...