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Air Purifier

Where should I place my air purifier?

Please make sure that your device is in a room that fits our recommended size for the best purification efficiency. Please do not place the device in a corner too close to back walls to prevent air blockage, some extra room around the device would help you clean the room air better.

How do I set up my smartmi air purifier?

Please read our online user manual here.

How many smart home controls does smartmi air purifier support?

The air purifier supports Mi Home APP/Apple Homekit/Google Assistant/Alexa.

How do I connect my air purifier to Mi Home APP/Google Assistant/Alexa?

Before setting, please download the Mi Home APP and register your Mi ID. To Mi Home APP: reset the Wi-Fi setting of the air purifier following user manual, make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi(2.4GHz required) network as your phone, press the + button on the top-right corner on the screen to start searching for the device. When...