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Air Purifier

Air Purifier P1

P1 supports smartmi link APP/Apple Homekit/Google Assistant/Alexa.
Please read our online user manual here.

Evaporative Humidifier

Evaporative Humidifier 2

Standing Fan 2s

Standing Fan 3

Fan Heater

Convector Heater 1s

Smartmi VortexWave A1

It cannot be automatically identified and avoided, and pet feces need to be cleaned up in time.
The Zhimi floor scrubbing robot uses LDS laser navigation combined with collision avoidance. LDS laser navigation can achieve 360-degree scanning, obtain environmental information in real time, and scan the home terrain more quickly, accurately, and comprehensively, restore the full picture of the home, and clean it intelligently. more convenient .
15 degrees.
12mm . _ _
1.5m . _
The soft fur is 100% polyester, and the hard fur is nylon .
It is normal for the color of the water tank to turn slightly white after a period of use, and it will not affect the use of the water tank. Due to the inhalation of various dirty impurities in the sewage tank, long-term use by users may cause slight whitening.
The robot will not be disturbed by strong light in a general home environment. Because sunlight contains infrared light, when the intensity reaches a certain level, it may affect the robot's infrared sensor sensing and cause the sensor to misjudge (for example, the robot's path is abnormal). If this happens, observe whether the robot is not. Work under direct sunlight. If yes, you can draw the curtains to block the strong sunlight or use the APP to set the work restricted area to prevent the robot from working under the strong sunlight.
Based on the center position of the infrared window, the radiation range is 160 degrees symmetrical to the left and right.
The adapter will enter the protection state, stop output, and automatically recover after short-circuit disconnection ( users are prohibited from doing this ).