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Smartmi VortexWave A1

Consumption according to a single battery full charge: 16.8V*5.2Ah=87.36Wh=0.087 kWh;

About 16.67 days or so of electricity;

After fully charged, the standby consumption is calculated as 2.5W: 2.5W*24h=60W.h per day, about 16.67 days a day


The above power and voltage are estimated values.

  1. The front and rear positions of the robot and the infrared window of the charging base are blocked, which will cause the robot to fail to find the charging base ;
  2. The sensor along the wall on the right side of the robot is blocked, which will cause confusion in the mapping route , and it will not be able to travel along the wall normally ;
  3. The ground detection sensors are blocked (four at the bottom), and the corresponding position cannot detect the drop when stepping over steps higher than 8 cm, which will cause the host to fall.
In order to avoid pollution or damage to the walls and walls, the robot will keep a certain safe distance from the walls.
Floor ≈ 0.22m/s ; Carpet ≥ 0.2m/s .
Accidentally disconnected from charging, the robot will drive out of the charging base, enter the recharging mode, and recharge.
When only the network is disconnected, the robot will continue to perform the current task offline, and the APP will lose its control ability. The buttons on the robot host can be controlled. After triggering the recharge, the robot will return to the charging base ; only when the power is off , the robot will continue to perform the current task and trigger the After recharging , the base station cannot be found, and the recharging fails.
If you cannot get out of trouble within 3 minutes, enter abnormal mode and alarm, and enter sleep mode after 10 minutes. In sleep mode , you can wake up the robot through the APP . If the robot is not awakened in sleep mode and there is no other operation, the robot will shut down after 30 minutes. , the location of the robot when the robot is turned off will be displayed on the APP map, which is easy to find .

During the recharging process , the roller brush rotates at a slow speed: 400rpm, the fan runs with the suction of the dry sweeping and light pollution gear ( the fan does not start during the process of finding the charging seat when the low-power recharging and the sewage tank are fully recharged ), and the water pump remains off;

When the robot backs up and piles up (calibration is successful, it starts to back up and pile up), the fan runs with the standard gear suction until the recharging task ends.

Soybean-like objects, small sand, pebbles, etc.